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Welcome to ProFloorGuru.com where honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction are the company’s highest priorities. ProFloorGuru has over 34 years of experience in the flooring industry. We are here to share this knowledge and educate you on the best type of flooring for your residential or commercial space. We take the stress out of difficult decision making by advising and installing in a way that will make you feel proud of your flooring decision. We stand by what you stand on.

Our Clients

At ProFloorGuru we take pride in quality work and a professional attitude.
Arnold S Warwick & Company
Bank Street
Center For Appellate Litigation
Columbia University
Helmsley-Spear Inc

Gary Blasco

Chief Flooring Officer

Gary is a seasoned flooring professional with over 36 years in the industry; 34 years with the same respected, high profile company. During his career, Gary gained industry wide experience, honed his skills, and expanded his knowledge; while successfully serving both residential and commercial clients. Gary has an eye for aesthetic design, color, quality, and detail. He aims to please as he stays abreast of industry trends.

With the flooring industry constantly changing, Gary has been on the forefront; pioneering the green movement. “What’s old is new again” was started in the flooring industry. You can always expect this progressive, educational, and green mindset with Gary and his team at ProFloorGuru.

Gary truly enjoys the creative process that comes with floor selection and installation. He has been lucky enough to do what he loves every day. Flooring is his passion so let Gary share his passion with you. Contact him today to discuss your flooring needs.