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Every home and business is different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to flooring. Leave it up to the floor gurus to help you find what's best for you for the best price around!

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Why Choose The ProFloorGuru Experience?

Mastery of Excellence

ProFloorGuru installers are C.F.I. certified, which is the equivalent of a master’s degree in the flooring industry. Their training does not stop there. Each year they are re-evaluated in order to maintain their certification and increase their level of skill as new innovations are brought into the marketplace.

40 Years Of Experience

ProFloorGuru has 40 years of experience in the flooring industry. We are here to share this knowledge and educate you on the best type of flooring for your commercial space. We take the stress out of difficult decision making by advising and installing in a way that will make you feel confident.


ProFloorGuru has worked with high profile clients in New York City, Restaurants, Colleges, and even Historical Sites. ProFloorGuru’s team of highly skilled technicians will provide you with the best service.  We take pride in quality work and a professional attitude. Choose your first floor last at ProfloorGuru!

We Are The Gurus

Your first and last impression is what sets ProFloorGuru apart from the rest. We understand the importance of selecting the right flooring for your space. You will enjoy working with professionals who keep you informed and provide you with a myriad of options while educating you in a stress-free environment.  ProFloorGuru’s highest priority is your satisfaction.

Helmsley-Spear Inc
Keens Steakhouse
Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace
Center For Appellate Litigation
Columbia University
Arnold S Warwick & Company
theater development fund
The Wolcott Hotel
Kaufman Organization

Not Sure Where To Start? ProFloorGuru Is Here To Help!

At ProFloorGuru, we are business owners, homeowners, have family and live in the same community. We want to share our flooring expertise and help you find a floor that will last a lifetime. Start by contacting us by email, text or call!

After we talk about your vision and needs, we will make a few recommendations and schedule an on-site consultation to ensure maximum coverage of your flooring dollars. You can even start shopping right here on our website and order samples!

During our on-site visit, you will be meeting with Gary Blasco, our Cheif Flooring Officer who has an eye for aesthetic design, color, quality, and detail. He will give you the best for the best price guaranteed. And then the work begins!

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For design professionals, architects, builders and contractors

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